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The Contract Dashboard has several elements that can be used to search for a Contract.

  • Contract Dashboard List 
  1. Users can search for the contract by scrolling down or going through each page list.


  1. Users can also narrow down the search by using filters from the column list.


  • By Metadata


  1. Navigate to “Search Contracts by Metadata.“



  1. Click the feature above to initiate the process.
  2. The Add Filter page will appear to filter down the search.


  1. Users can filter their search by: Name, Contains or Field Value

Note: Use the dropdown button to see the lists for Names and Field Values. 

  1. Select from the Name and Field Value from the lists.
  2. Users can add/remove filters to narrow down their search.


  1. Select Search to initiate the process, Cancel to not proceed or Save As to save the search.


  • By Keyword


  1. Users may also search the contract by typing a keyword to initiate a full text search.



  1. Select “Clear” to remove the keyword or text.


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