Editing a Team

Anapact allows user to edit a setup for any existing Team in the system.  Users can update or edit the setup of their Team in the system.


To Edit a Team:

  1. On the Manage Team Dashboard, search for the Team that needs to be edited.
  2. If there are pages of records on the list, users can apply a column filter ( ) during the search. Users can combine the options for the column filters to narrow down the search.



  • Select Apply to apply filter.
  • Select Clear to clear the filter.



  1. Users can scroll up and down to see the list and go to the next page (see below) to find specific team(s).

Once the Team is found, go to the Action column and click the Edit/Pencil Icon to initiate change on the Team’s record.

  1. Apply all the necessary changes on setup.
  2. Once done, click Submit to save the change(s), or click Cancel to exit/ignore the change(s).

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