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If a team is no longer operating, it can be inactivated in the system.  However, the system will verify if the team have current contracts or awaiting other processes.

To Inactivate a Team:

  1. From the Menu, navigate to Team > Manage Teams Dashboard.
  2. Select the Team that that will be inactivated.
  3. On the Edit Team Page, go to the Status Section and select “Inactive



  • System will display the message below if the process cannot be performed:


You cannot inactivate “Team Name” if there are one or more contracts is in “In review/ Awaiting Approval/ Awaiting Signature/ Awaiting Action.


  • Click the Cancel button to disregard and verify the system message.


  1. Click the Submit button to save the change if the system did not display any warning message.
  2. A pop-up message will show to confirm.
  3. The status for the Team should display as Inactive on the dashboard.

Note: Users can also launch this process by selecting the trash bin icon to inactivate a Team.

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