What is Anapact?

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Anapact is a Contract Management Software built for various organizations that require a systematic method of managing business-critical documents.  This Enterprise CLM Solution is a comprehensive tool, designed for small to mid-size businesses that want to make the most of their contract documents. 

The system offers a cohesive file cabinet that can provide a single repository for essential business documents.  Anapact is designed to help companies to reduce risks and ensure compliance for organizations who deals with Information Technology, Sales, Legal Services, Finances, Operations, Human Resources, and other industries who plan to oversee the lifecycle of the contracts.  

Key Benefits of Anapact:

  • Generation of Contract Templates
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Unified File Cabinet
  • Metadata Tagging
  • Workflows
  • Contract Status and Audit Trails
  • Saved Search Reports
  • Integration with NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

Anapact’s User Guide will provide instructions and related information on standard features, with restrictions on use and disclosure under a license agreement.  The following document is organized into sections, or topics that may encompass several areas of business requirements, management, as well as training.   

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