Creating a New User

  1. Overview
  2. User Management
  3. Creating a New User
  1. To create a new user, navigate to Users > User Management Dashboard.
  2. Click the Create New User  button to setup a new user.
  3. The page to create a new user will launch (see below).

Reminder: All required fields (*) must be populated.


  1. Complete the following information for the user:

First Name

Enter the users’ first name

Last Name

Enter the users’ last name

Email Address

Enter a unique email address

Note: System will warn for duplication if the email is not unique.

Mobile Number

Enter the user’s cell phone number.


Click the down arrow  to show the list, then select the group the user belongs to.


Select if user is:

·        Active – default setup for new user.

·        Inactive


  1. Click the Submit button to save the record. 
  2. System will display a message to confirm that the record is saved.
  3. Exit the record.


  • Once the record is submitted, the system generates a temporary password and a welcome email with login instructions to the new user.
  • A Login link is provided on the email to access the system.


  1. Verify if the new user’s name showed up on the User List.
  2. Repeat the process for the next user record.

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