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  1. Overview
  2. User Management
  3. User Access Settings
  1. On the User Management Dashboard, search for the user to grant specific permissions. You can click the User Name column to sort the results or use the filter button found on each column.
  2. Once the user is located, initiate the process by clicking the gear icon .
  3. The User Setting Page should initiate and will show a pop-up message indicating that the “User Setting Load Successfully.”
  4. On the page, click down arrow to expand, or the up arrow collapse each section.
  5. The User Settings will show a list per section on what features or process the user can access.



  1. Select either On or Off for the specific user.
  • If On is selected, system will enable the process, the user will be able to create, edit, view, or inactivate.
  • If Off iis selected, the user will not be able to access this feature.
  1. For Team Section, turn the On or Off feature for the following:
  • Allow a user to create new teams.
  • Allow user to edit teams.
  • Allow user to view list of teams.
  1. For Contract Section, turn the feature On or Off for the following:

      Contract Details Section: Select On or Off

  • Allow user to create contracts with all contract type.
  • Allow user to create contracts with specific contract type.
  • If On is selected, the Select Contract Type feature will be enabled. 
  • Users can select from the different Contract Type(s) available in the system.
  • The list of Contract Types will be available once the users click the field.
  • Scroll down to see all selections.
  • Users can select or add several types.
  • Users can opt to delete the Contract Type by clicking the “X” next to the type.
  • Choose Submit when done.

            Contract Content Section:  Select On or Off

  • Allow user to create contract content?
  • Allow user to edit contract concent?
  • Allow user to copy/paste contract content in content editor?
  • Allow user to attach document?
  • Allow user to add dynamic fields?



Dynamic Fields are changeable fields in a standard template such as: Company Name, Dates, Contact Information, and other fields that are constantly changing.

  • Allow user to edit dynamic fields?
  • Allow user to set the status?

Meta Data Field Section: Select On or Off

  • Allow user to create new meta data?
  • Allow user to edit meta data?
  • Allow user to provide value for meta data?

Add Workflow Assignee: Select On or Off

  • Allow user to modify template workflow?

 Add Notes: Select On or Off

  • Allow user to add new notes?
  • Allow user to view notes?
  1. Complete each section of the settings to provide proper access to the user.
  2. Once the User’s access setup is complete, click Submit to save.  System Administrators can modify User’s Access Settings at any time.

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