Logging in to Anapact

  1. Overview
  2. Accessing Anapact
  3. Logging in to Anapact

Once the Administrator completes set up of the new user in the system, the user will receive a system generated welcome email with log in instructions and a web link to go to initiate access. (see image below)


Note: Users can bookmark the web page on the browser for easy access.


  1. To initially access the system, users can use the Login Link from the system generated email (see above image) or go to their web browser and type in anapact.com.
  2. On the Login page, enter the username (email address).


  1. Enter the temporary password that was setup by the Administrator.
  2. Check the “Remember me” feature to allow the system to recall the email address.
  3. Click “LOGIN” to initiate access.


  • During this process, the system will authenticate user’s credentials to grant access.
  • Username and/or Password must be keyed in perfectly to access the system.
  • A message will display if credentials are incorrect.
  • Users can change their password after the initial login process (see instructions for Changing a User’s Password).
  1. If login is successful, the system should display the Dashboard page.


  1. A “Welcome + Username!” message should display on the top right corner of the page indicating that access was authenticated, and the user was recognized.




  1. If login is unsuccessful, an error message will display to verify your credentials.

Note: Please contact the Administrator for assistance.

  1. To logout after a successful login, simply select the Logout feature on the upper left corner of your screen.




  • Users also have the option to select the logout feature on the Menu, this process will be covered in the Basic Navigation
  • System will automatically log off users if the instance has been idle for 30 minutes. An Alert will display on the screen.



  • Click OK.
  • System will display the login page.
  • Re-enter Username and Password to login.

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